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Working Remotely: Ethics and Best Practices

last update on: 04/29/2022

Here are video recordings of this skills updating workshop on the use of information and communications technology--organized particularly in the face of global public health quarantines--that was implemented as a webinar on the Zoom teleconferencing platform in 2021.

The workshop, documented with 12 hours of recordings spread over 8 sessions held from October 12 to November 16, 2021, was conducted by noted e-commerce advocate, digital influencer and certified and award-winning coach, Ms. Janette C. Toral.

Topics discussed included effective work attitudes, teamwork, resilience in the face of setbacks, the hazards of social media, intellectual property protection, data privacy and ramifications of the e-commerce and cybercrime laws.

The Working Remotely: Ethics and Best Practices workshop, and the publication of its proceedings in this learning management system, were made possible with support from the Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. (PHILEXPORT) and the Export Development Council (EDC).